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Putting the PAUSE on Menopause

Putting the PAUSE on Menopause

For International Women’s Day 2022 (8th March), Glycan Age hosted an Instagram Live on the peri/menopause and discussed their latest scientific research.

In this session, undergraduate student at Imperial College, Rina Bogdanovic, was joined by Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London and cofounder of ZOE, Tim Spector, chair of the Newson Health Menopause Society, Dr Louise Newson, and leading scientist in the field of glycobiology and the founder of Genos, Dr Gordan Lauc.

Host Rina and guests discuss peri/menopause symptoms and the fascinating findings of GlycanAge’s study of biological ageing that followed nearly 2,000 women.

Please note: Unfortunately, as the presenters reached the Q&A portion, they experienced some technical difficulties and weren’t able to answer the final queries. If you have any questions on what is discussed during the Instagram Live, you can ask GlycanAge on their social media channels or via email.

Watch the session in the video above.

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