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Discover more about our range of online education tools, guidelines and information for healthcare professionals, and our patient resources hosted on the balance app and website.

Online learning programme

Confidence in the Menopause

Confidence in the Menopause is a CPD-accredited course designed to increase your knowledge of, and confidence in, managing all aspects of the perimenopause and menopause.

Newly updated with a brand-new look and fresh content, you will learn about varying symptoms, treatment options, lifestyle measures and the latest research. Confidence in the Menopause is delivered through bite-sized patient cases using everyday stories to tease out the nuances of menopause care and highlight how individual everyone is.

Confidence in the Menopause usually costs £9.99 a month, but we are delighted to offer access as part of an annual Newson Health Menopause Society subscription. For more details, get in touch at

Not a Newson Health Menopause Society associate? You can sign up to Confidence in the Menopause here

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The balance menopause library

Introducing the largest menopause library in the world. On the balance website, you can access a plethora of evidence-based resources including articles, booklets, factsheets, videos, podcasts and so much more!

balance are on a mission to make support with the menopause inclusive and accessible to all women, and trans and non-binary people.

balance menopause
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Now more than ever, healthcare professionals are under immense pressure to cater to the high demand within our health services.

With some women attending up to 10 appointments before receiving a correct menopause diagnosis and treatment, balance app aims to help reduce this avoidable stress on practitioners and patients in need.

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