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Digital decision aid for prescribing type of HRT

Digital decision aid for prescribing type of HRT

The electronic decision support tool for HRT prescribing is an accessible and useful resource for healthcare professionals to select the appropriate type of HRT for a patient and explain the risks and benefits to individuals.

Based on national guidelines and peer-reviewed research, this interactive tool provides essential information at a glance for busy healthcare professionals.

Feedback from clinicians has been overwhelmingly positive as they can swiftly identify the type of HRT that is needed for their patients, recommend when to next review, and have all the evidence to hand to explain the benefits and any potential risks of HRT to the individual in front of them.

Together with UCL’s Institute for Women’s Health, we have created a first of its kind digital decision aid for menopause care. In an interactive format, it enables GPs and Specialist Nurses to provide safe, individualised care, and displays the proven benefits and also the potential risks of HRT in a visual format perfect for remote consultations

Lead creator and researcher of the tool, Dan Reisel
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