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Case review discussion: perimenopause

Case review discussion: perimenopause

Every other month, NHMS will host an online session to support your clinical practice and learning and development. In our Case Review sessions, you will hear from a Newson Health clinician, or a member of the advisory board, who will present and discuss a clinical case in detail and share their experience and opinion relating to the practical management of those more thought-provoking and interesting cases.

These sessions will be smaller to allow for interaction and discussion, attendees will be able to ask questions using the chat function. The professional introducing the case is not presenting themselves as an expert on that particular topic; their opinion will be based on clinical experience and their knowledge of the evidence. There will not be time for thorough discussion or review of related research as the purpose of the case reviews are to find answers to your ‘what would you do?’ questions.

This hour-long session provides a fabulous contribution to your CPD requirements.

Have a case of your own that you would like an opinion on? Fill in the case review template and submit to

Case review discussion: perimenopause


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