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Dr Devika Patel – General Adult Psychiatry Higher Trainee

Psychiatry representative

Dr Devika Patel is a General Adult Psychiatry Higher Trainee, currently working in the West Midlands, UK. Her interest in menopause comes from seeing the overlap of symptoms between depression and menopause, and also the importance of addressing impact of hormones on all mental health conditions. She is keen to spread knowledge and awareness amongst psychiatrists, from medical student to consultant. Being from a South Asian background she also strives to reduce stigma around discussing menopause and improving access to HRT by improving knowledge and awareness.

She hosts a podcast “Our Extraordinary Stories by Dr Devika Patel”, which allows people the platform to share stories of mental illness recovery and human flourishing, with an aim of reducing stigma. Menopause and hormonal health has already featured as an important topic in the series.  

Dr Patel has completed a PGDiploma in Clinical Leadership, Education and Research and hopes to use these skills to improve menopause case for mental health patients.

Dr Devika Patel – General Adult Psychiatry Higher Trainee


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